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About Us

Hello, I’m Delilah Klug, owner of Top Priority Personal Concierge Services, founded April, 2007. My company is licensed, insured and bonded. My goal is to make my clients’ lives a little easier and more comfortable. Drawing from my experience as a nursing assistant, medical assistant and mother, I’m able to empathize with the daily struggles and irritations my clients face and find ways to “make things work” for you. Top Priority understands the value of your time. That is why my company assists in restoring that freedom and flexibility for you to gain your life back and live the life you deserve.

I invite you to discover the benefits of our superior, customized concierge and errand services plans and look forward to personally welcoming you.


T-imely, efficient and consistent service
O-ffering Top Quality service to all my clients
P-rivacy and confidentiality is highly important
P-ricing that’s affordable and competitive
R-ely on us to take care of your needs
I-mportant tasks completed in a prompt manner
O-ur service solutions exceed clients’ expectations
R-emembering the intricate details that make the difference
T-ime is now on your side
Y-our family, friends, and work are now your central focus

Our additional services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Running errands
  2. Courier services
  3. Personal shopping
  4. Pet care
  5. Meals to go
  6. Making calls
  7. Estate sale planning
  8. Companionship care

. . . and much more.

Delilah Klug, Owner
316 519 7887

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