Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn????

Autumn is the New Spring clean for your home, to prepare for the winter months.

The winter months bring shorter days, cooler temperatures – more time indoors – and a rapid succession of holidays which often translates into house guests, visitors and entertaining. Here is an Autumn cleaning, organizing and home-maintenance checklist to help you prepare:

• First, complete any outstanding items from our Prepare Your Home for Autumn checklist as you will want this list completed before winter sets in.

• Clean and dust permanent lighting fixtures to maximize indoor brightness. While you are at it, replace any bulbs you have neglected to change because they require a ladder to reach.

• Wash walls and ceilings. The idea is to maximize brightness in your home. Using the right cleaning solution to remove accumulated oily grime from flat surfaces will allow light to reflect rather than being absorbed.

• Deep clean and treat wood and tile floors to guard against impressions from winter grit and salt. Over time, embedded soils of all types cause impressions, which diminish your floor’s ability to reflect, light evenly (meaning it can’t shine). Also, place rubber mats or low-sided trays near doorways to receive shoes and boots so grit never comes inside.

• Flip and rotate mattresses. To maintain shape, resiliency and comfort, mattresses should be flipped and rotated at least four times a year. Take the opportunity to vacuum thoroughly, and steam clean your mattress for dust mites, accumulated skin cells and other air-quality hazards that can cause allergies and asthma,. Also be sure to vacuum underneath and behind beds.

• Clean winter bedding. While your winter bedding may have been laundered before going into storage, it is likely to have picked up dust mites and possibly a bit of mold or musty odor over the summer.

• Deep clean your guest room (if you are fortunate enough to have one and are expecting visitors for the holidays). Chances are it’s a room you clean infrequently. Stock with fresh linens and other items you might expect to find in a hotel room. If you do not have a dedicated guest room, clean underneath and change linens on any spare beds you may have; pull out and vacuum sofa beds; blow up and test air mattresses or other temporary accommodations you may have.

• Clear space in your kitchen or dining area for seasonal platters, bowls and other holiday serving and entertaining items that are typically in storage for much of the year. Be sure to dust shelves before placing and clean dishes on them, this will help reduce the common cold.

If you need help with any of these tasks, please don’t hesitate to call.
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